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• Separate volume control and tone color for Microphone input (MIC1, MIC2, AUX)

• Separate volume control and tone color to Line IN (TAPE, TUNER, CD)

• Master regulated tons (MASTER)

• The possibility of a mixing line inputs (TAPE, TUNER, CD) with MIC 2 and AUX

• LED VU meter with ten LEDs and red LEDs for signaling.

• The amplifier has a tone generator for use as a sign of a microphone MIC 1

• Adjustable color, intensity, and duration generated tons (only by authorized persons)

• The front panel contains four switches (L1, L2, L3, L4) to allow for disconnection 100 volt output

• On the back there is a network connection for players (220 OUT, MAX 200VA) which includes a common switch on the front panel.

Inputs :

MIC1 DB9- Balanced  220Ohm
MIC2 6.3mm 220Ohm
Tuner RCA 25kOhm
Tape RCA 25kOhm
CD RCA 25kOhm
AUX RCA 25kOhm
Sensetivity 775mV


Power Audio 100V 200W
Non Linear distortion  at 1kHz,  150W/4Ohm 87dB
Freq. Characteristics (±3dB)/4Ohm 40Hz - 18kHz
SNR at 150W/4Ohm >87dB
Settings for low impedance  4 Ohm/ 200W
Setting for high impedance 0 /50/70/100V
Recording out -6dB
Subwoofer out  0dB


Power Supply 200-240VAC 50 - 60Hz
Power Consumption 2 x 250VA
Dimension (WxHxD) 483 x 100 x 340 mm
Housing material Metal plated 19"Rack 2H
Weight 9kg

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